About Us

RVR PRO is part of RVR Group of companies.

RVR group is a pioneer in Electronic, Entertainment and Media industry
for over 20 years.


Our specialisation includes the following:

  • One stop shop for complete Photo and Video solutions.
  • We did projects ranging from private weddings/events of 150 guests attendance to a massive 1,65,000 (1.65 Lakh +) guests gatherings at a single location.
  • We are India’s Largest Team in the of field of Photography and Videography.
  • We proudly say “We don’t rent our Equipment nor bring any on lease, everything is owned by us”.
  • In- house Editing suites, Privacy for your content.
  • 100TB+ of Storage Servers.
  • Complete Apple/MAC architecture.
  • Skilled, experts and creative crew to deliver never seen before outputs.
  • Bringing western concepts to India. Several of our business concepts are successfully proved in USA.
  • Our staff are well trained not only on latest techniques in capturing your moments, also in Client Location Behavior, Communication and Presentation skills.
  • Live Webcast of events in HD can be transmitted around the world to a variety of devices that work on, iOS, OSX, Win, Android OS.
  • Captured Gigs/Live Shows/Road Shows and LIVE telecast to Media/Satellite Channels.
  • Live Telecast on Local channel in Hyderabad for Corporate/ Private events.
  • A complete Wedding Photo/Video packages available. We are a one stop shop.
  • Hosted Website. Customer can view their photos and videos for at least a year by secure login and can instantly share your memories on social media or with friends and families around the globe.
  • Personalised Photo books with 15 Years Warranty– first of its kind.
  • Various range of picture products available for Customer to order in bulk or lesser quantities.