Rahul cover photo

Have you ever felt the need to freeze a moment in a frame and lock it away forever? Have you fondly remembered a time in life that you wished you could live over and over again?

Such moments happen to all of us, and more often than not we end up wondering why we didn’t carry a camera that day or wish we hadn’t gotten  a little lazy at that given moment..

So what do you do then? You cant turn back time, you have only stories to share…

Jokes told, songs sung and anecdotes narrated… all in the past can now be yours now and forever… If you trust us to be that invisible eye that silently yet enthusiastically become a part of all that you want to treasure for a life time…

With this promise, we make our very first blog entry. We hope to meet more often now to share our joys, experiences and reasons why we want to always stay connected with you! We click pictures-but you are the ones that will make a difference by being in them!

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